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Hyperhidrosis Bingo: 24 Things Hyperhidrosis Sufferers Deal With Daily

June 12, 2019

Hyperhidrosis Bingo: 24 Things Hyperhidrosis Sufferers Deal With Daily

Sweat rules your daily routines and sometimes significant life decisions. From daily wardrobe decisions to the type of career path you might choose, you might not fully understand how disruptive heavy sweating can be to your way of life.

If you’ve got full-body Hyperhidrosis – sweaty hands, feet, face, underarms, chest, groin, etc., there’s a really good chance that you can dominate the field in our little game of Hyperhidrosis bingo. We don’t actually expect you to download the Hyperhidrosis bingo card and play with friends, but to understand what some of your fellow sufferers are going through, check out these 24 inconveniences that likely influence your day.


1. You carry a hand towel everywhere


You can’t leave the house without it. In order to avoid using your sleeves, bare hands, or a handkerchief for relief (which WON’T do the trick), you bring a towel along to pat your sweaty hands or face yourself dry. Congratulations, you’ve graduated from tattered, childhood security blanket to sweaty face towel


2. Always with the stinky shoes

The collection of throw-away shoes has begun to overwhelm your closet - all of them abandoned due to smell. When your sweaty feet force a new footwear purchase every couple of months, it’s time to get some antiperspirant for your feet or learn how to fix your stinky shoe problem.


3. Can’t wear silk or satin

Because they aren’t super absorbent and they do get the sweat stains easily, clothing made from these materials is generally off the table. Linens, cottons, and either black or light fabrics are much better alternatives.


4. Bathe more than 1X per day

While sweat itself doesn’t produce odor, the bacteria that live in your sweaty parts do. Many heavy sweaters bathe more than once a day to preempt the odors that lurk and keep themselves feeling fresh-ish.


5. Constantly washing hand

One of our top tips for getting rid of clammy hands is to keep your hands clean. Washing regularly can keep your hands cool and properly drying them can keep your hands dry, even if for short periods of time.


6. Fear of intimacy

Hyperhidrosis fear of intimacy

This one can REALLY be a sticking point for some. With Hyperhidrosis dominating your daily routines, you can end up in a wild cycle of perspiration-based anxiety and anxiety-based perspiration. Keeping your sweating at a minimum is a must-have, not just a nice-to-have. For whole-body relief, the ZeroSweat antiperspirant combo pack with roll-on + lotion for your hands and face makes the most sense.


7. Sweating *because* you're nervous

See the point above but apply it to nearly every interaction you might have in an important meeting, presentation, job interview, or stressful situation you find yourself in. Knowing how to curb nervous sweating is pretty helpful and you can read more about that on our blog.


8. Can’t play video games

Frustrated with sweaty palms and video games

Most online and video games require dexterity and steady hands. If your hands are soaking wet, how precisely can you maneuver the controller when you’ve got butterfingers from sweaty digits? ZeroSweat lotion will do the trick 99% of the time, but if your palmar Hyperhidrosis is too extreme, you might need to apply the roll-on for maximum effect.


9. Packs an extra shirt

Hauling three to four spare shirts everywhere you go because you’re sweating out of them every few hours is not cool - imagine that laundry bill...


10. Groin/bum region sweatiness

We aren’t going to try to pretend that sweaty armpits and faces aren’t completely miserable and life-altering, but sweaty butts and swimsuit regions are on an entirely different plane than axillary (underarm) or craniofacial (face) sweating.


11. Afraid to speak in public

Public speaking can strike fear and trigger anxiety in people who DON’T have Hyperhidrosis or deal with sweat daily. For the people who DO suffer from Hh, getting up in front a crowd can really open the floodgates. This space on the bingo card is practically a freebie. 


12. Can’t grip anything


Are you considering ditching your dreams of becoming a trapeze artist? Are YOU the one who always drops your partner in the routine?  Based on ZeroSweat’s track record with helping solve sweaty palm issues, you can start trapezing to your heart’s content and comfortably using a smartphone screen without frustration after applying ZS to your hands.


13. You pit out of your shirts regularly

Man's sweaty armpits on a train

When someone says the words Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweat, the imagery of someone’s soaked armpits immediately pops into mind. You can’t raise your arms, social settings create insane anxiety, and your wardrobe choices are extremely limited. ZeroSweat roll-on antiperspirant might be your last hope against the daily pit out.


14. Soggy foot syndrome

We aren’t sure which is worse: shoes that stink from being drenched around the clock or the athlete’s foot that dogs you regardless of your footwear choices. Either way, your sweaty feet are impossible to deal with.


15. Sweatiness alters career decisions


This guy is legit bummed out that his co-workers are aware of his sweaty issues. People have to give up their dream careers all the time due to physical limitations. I, for instance, will NEVER play in the NBA standing at 5’6”. But for normal folks who want to have fairly common careers in food service, manual trades where gripping tools is necessary, or musicians who need to hold a steady hand to perform, these job choices are either non-options or incredibly inconvenient. If you’ve been limited in any way by the scenarios listed above, it sounds like someone could use some ZeroSweat.


16. Leaving a sweat trail everywherE

You're likely the one leaving a pool of sweat on the bench or other equipment at the gym. You've been known to leave sweat drops on the ground just walking down the street, or people can tell which baseball glove is yours because it’s been soaked from the inside out. Swimming is basically the only sport you can participate in. 


17. Claim you’ve “tried everything”


Nothing really surprises us any more when it comes to the unconventional treatments our customers have attempted yearning for ever-elusive dryness. Using antiperspirant is a gimme, but when your customers are testing the waters with schishandra, black cohosh, and even resort to acupuncture, you know that conditions are dire.


18. Difficulty playing musical instruments

sweating while playing an instrument

When prominent Hyperhidrosis community member Caryn Toriaga shared her story on her blog about playing her flute at Carnegie Hall while her hands perspired uncontrollably, our hearts broke for her. She is not alone in the struggle to play music professionally while dealing with Hyperhidrosis.


19. exclusively black and dark wardrobe options

There are a dozen different names for wardrobe blackout, but at the end of the day, axillary hyperhidrosis (sweaty pits) prevents you from being able to get on with your life while wearing a nice light blue dress shirt. Set yourself free with a treatment that allows you to rock that silk pastel shirt you’ve always wanted.


20. skin conditions and other infections abound

Aside from athlete’s foot, yeast infections that can manifest in pretty much any part of the body, there’s also this.


21. dressing in an exorbitant # of layers of clothing.

The only thing worse than sweating through your shirt is sweating through an undershirt, a second layer, your third, fourth, and fifth layers...and maybe also every sweater you own...


22. trouble with tech + touch screens

Things really hit home when you read through this My Life As A Puddle blog post about soggy fingertips and tech. Only true sufferers will understand how immensely frustrating this issue can be since touchscreens lag if they work at all when your hands are dripping with sweat.


23. fear of clammy handshakes

“Bryan, thank you for meeting with us today on such short notice. We were really excited to see your resume come through. It’s not often we get candidates with your qualificaaaaaaaNNN YOU PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY YOUR HAND IS TRYING TO DROWN MY HAND?!? Well, thank you for your time. We will get back to you soon with feedback on your interview and let you know what (if any) the next steps are.”


24. Nervous *because* you’re sweating


If the above point has happened to you or you’ve had daydream/nightmares that it would happen, then nervous sweating is probably an issue that impacts you daily.


There is no doubt that your Hyperhidrosis has an effect on your confidence in defining moments where sports outcomes, intimacy, or the prospect of landing your dream job are all on the line.


This is just a small-ish sampling of the different ordeals Hyperhidrosis sufferers constantly have to deal with. We hope that if you’re seeking relief from excessive sweating, then our products can literally change your life.
It’s time to give them a try.