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How To Prevent Butt and Crotch Sweat: 12 Magic Tips

September 28, 2020

How To Prevent Butt and Crotch Sweat: 12 Magic Tips

Many individuals experience bum and crotch sweat. Some of the time, you’re sweaty down there because you’re physically active, which isn’t too crazy, but when you’re just minding your own business and the swamp in your nether regions kicks in, that can cause massive issues. If you’re finding yourself hiding parts of your body from view by wearing darker and looser clothes rather than your favorite slacks or shorts, then we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you out.  

We all have numerous sweat glands down there. Perspiration can cause deeply embarrassing stains on the front and back parts of your favorite workout clothes and yes, cause odors that despite your best efforts cannot be cloaked in any meaningful way. 

Sweating is designed to help decrease the body’s core temperature when it becomes too hot. Our bodies engage our metabolism, hormones, nervous system, blood flow and even our emotions. In order to regulate those temperatures. But if sweating through the backside (or front side) of your pants, is a sign that things aren’t quite working right. You might be suffering from excessive sweating, or to get fancy Hyperhidrosis. 

Here, we outline some ways to recognize the symptoms and help you find some possible treatment options in the search for the remedy of excessive sweating.

Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis In The Private Areas

You are not alone. Many people deal  with extreme perspiration located in the groin every day. The medical term for this sweaty situation is referred to as Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis. The perspiration which collects on the inner thighs and accumulates between the legs could signify a greater medical problem if it continues on a daily basis. Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis can cause the following:

  • Chafing and or blistering
  • Unwanted pungent odor
  • Itching and yeast infections
  • Countless other irritations

If heavy sweating results in any of these skin conditions, you might need to make an appointment with your physician to talk about these issues; these are some of the things that may cause excessive perspiration in the posterior and crotch areas:

  • Hormone level fluctuations 
  • Changes in blood sugar levels
  • Diabetes induced night sweats resulting in nocturnal hyperhidrosis
  • Gestational hormone fluctuations and imbalances 
  • Hyperthyroidism, which can include other issues such as weight loss, stress, exhaustion, and increased heart palpitations
  • Diaphoretic or medication-induced sweating 
  • A history of genetic propensities for hyperhidrosis
  • Obesity: carrying extra weight can increase your overall body temperature which won’t do you any favors if you’re trying to keep cool and dry. 

To Keep Butt and Crotch Sweat Minimized, We Have Some Recommendations

Be Mindful Of Your Beverage Intake

Avoid stimulants like caffeine and energy drinks, which can stimulate the fight or flight response. This can switch on the sweat glands - literally everywhere. Additionally, wine, distilled spirits, and beer should be eliminated from the diet. The chemicals in these products dilate the blood vessels, increase the body’s temperature, and increase sweat production. It is important to avoid indulging in depressants, like alcohol, that result in increased perspiration.

Watch The Spicy Foods

If your spicy food intake is causing sweaty grief, it is time to consider refraining from spicy foods. Peppers, chilis and curries contain capsaicin that can activate receptors in the oral cavity and indicates to the nervous system that your body temperature is too hot. As a result, the brain signals the sweat glands to lower your temperature. 

Find An Effective Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirant

Apply over the counter clinical-strength antiperspirants. We obviously recommend ZeroSweat. Our full product lineup can be found here:

ZeroSweat antiperspirant wipes: great for underarms, faces, feet, pretty much everywhere you sweat. Easy application that is great for on the go use.

ZeroSweat Original-strength Formula: great for underarms and areas that are particularly challenging with our highest concentration of aluminum chloride with 15%.

ZeroSweat Aloe Formula: still very potent and effective with 12% aluminum chloride, but more gentle with Glycerine, Chamomile, and Aloe.

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Learn How To Chillax

When you employ relaxation techniques, like meditation, yoga, or aromatherapy,  your overall physical responses can dramatically improve. Anxiety can cause excessive sweating more than you think. Relaxation helps reduce the anxiety-induced emotions, and helps eliminate the excessive perspiration. Biofeedback can assist in clearing the mind of negative thoughts and increasing positive emotions. It can also improve and alleviate the symptoms of increased perspiration that an individual experiences.

Get A Prescription From Your Doctor

There is currently only one prescription hyperhidrosis product on the market. Qbrexa is used by many, but not without risks. Like many pharmaceuticals, Qbrexa’s list of potential side effects is as long as your arm, and can be quite costly. It is administered in wipe form. 

Increase Your Physical Activity

It might seem counterintuitive to get more physical activity in order to reduce your overall level of sweatiness, however, getting more physical activity is a great way to regulate your physical responses and improve the levels of toxins that build up inside the body. It’s also a great way to relieve some stress and anxiety.

Find A Natural Astringent That Works For You

This is one of the most efficient remedies for the treatment of the groin area. Astringents can be applied to the skin to shrink the pores and remove toxins that lead  to unsavory odors. There are many over the counter astringents that can reduce perspiration and odor: rubbing alcohol and witch hazel are among the most popular and affordable types available.

Wear Breathable, Loose Cotton Garments

Loose and breathable garments are your friend. Skinny jeans or other tight-fitting, air-restrictive clothing are not. Wearing breathable clothes not only helps to reduce sweating, it can prevent the sweat from remaining on the skin. Tight and restrictive undergarments also increase the temperature down there, making the perfect environment for even more sweat and odor. Cotton allows air and moisture to flow through the fabric and evaporate from the skin which results in the cooling effect that the body requires. You get the idea.

When hyperhidrosis is an issue, shopping for clothes is almost always big drama. Often you find yourself needing to buy 2-3 of whatever pants or shorts you really like as back ups  for those times when you sweat through your outfit. You get to shop for only dark colors. You’re restricted more by having to find things in the right material. The list goes on. Getting this under control could help make your shopping experience a lot easier. You can shop for new types of clothes like lighter fabrics and  colors that have previously outed your sweaty groin and crack.

Consider Alternative Medicine Treatments

Think outside the box and consider Acupuncture and other holistic methods, as they are often helpful for not only excessive perspiration but anxiety and stress relief as well.

Shower Twice Daily To Maintain Cleanliness

Shower two times a day, and use a talc-free powder infused with odor-reducing ingredients like aloe or menthol. Showering can keep your temperature down there at an acceptable level giving you a break from around-the-clock swamp junk. You should also consider keeping wet wipes on hand for when you are out and about so that you can control the levels of sweat and odors produced by the sweat glands and genital areas. 

Keep Yourself Trimmed Down There 

Professional hair removal is another option to consider. This can be effective in the control of the odor produced by the production of sweat, as well as having the added benefit of cosmetic appeal.

It Might Sound Crazy, But Botox…

Botox injections are highly effective in reducing the increased production of the sweat glands. These injections  can only be administered by a licensed professional. A potential drawback of this treatment is cost and the frequency of injections. Consult with your physician to determine if this treatment might be effective for you.

We hope these tips can help you gain a little more control with your butt and crotch sweat. Obviously, we’re huge fans of hyperhidrosis antiperspirant. Using these tools and tips could make a dramatic impact on your confidence, your social life, your relationships and even just improve your trips to the gym. You deserve freedom from sweat.