ZeroSweat Prevents Yellow Pit Stains

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ZeroSweat Prevents Yellow Pit Stains

You don't have to live with gross, yellow pit stains. Yellow pits can be a thing of the past! These nasty underarm stains in the armpits are caused by a chemical reaction that takes place between urea, which is a component of human sweat, and the aluminum in your antiperspirant. This reaction is the cause of the discoloration in your favorite light-colored clothing. 

The antiperspirant you are currently buying from the store works like this:

It clogs the sweat pores for a certain period of time. If you sweat profusely enough, your sweat will push out of your pores straight onto clothing.

Due to the reaction between the urea in your sweat and the aluminum content of your deodorant/antiperspirant combo, the deodorant combined with sweat causes the yellow discoloration on light colored clothing.

Since ZeroSweat will block your sweat production at the gland level, there is nothing to discolor your shirts! 

Yellow Underarm Stains

How Does ZeroSweat Work?

ZeroSweat is a liquid antiperspirant that goes on with no mess. Just apply at bedtime, wait 2-3 minutes for your underarms to dry and go to sleep. It’s that simple. Most people need to apply it only once or twice a week.

No messy pads, no bulky shields. It works so well that you don’t even know it’s there.

At night when your sweat glands are less active, ZeroSweat works it’s magic. Ok, so it’s not actually magic, but in the morning you will be dry. It lasts for days, won’t wash off, even with shaving, does not leave any residue and you can’t even tell it’s there. But you know for sure it’s working.