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I live in the Philippines, India, Nigeria, Egypt, Brazil, etc. How can I buy ZeroSweat?

ZeroSweat is available right here at www.ZeroSweat.com. We also sell on Amazon.com, and ebay.com We ship everywhere in the world. We use USPS for shipping all orders outside the USA.

Can ZeroSweat get rid of body odor?

Body odor is caused by bacteria that grow in warm moist environments, like wet armpits. Because ZeroSweat will eliminate excessive sweating bacteria growth is diminished and body order is reduced or eliminated. So ZeroSweat can help reduce body odor.

Can I use ZeroSweat on my palms, head, feet etc?

While ZeroSweat has only been tested on underarms we have many customers tell us that they have used it successfully on other areas of the body.

Can I use ZeroSweat while pregnant or breast feeding?

Please consult your family doctor. Out of an abundance of caution we recommend not using ZeroSweat while pregnant or breast feeding. 

Is ZeroSweat tested on animals?

ZeroSweat is not tested on animals. We are cruelty free and proud of it!