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Underarm Sweat Pads
Underarm Sweat PadsUnderarm Sweat PadsUnderarm Sweat PadsUnderarm Sweat PadsUnderarm Sweat Pads
ZeroSweat's underarm sweat pads will give you immediate and natural relief from sweat in the underarm regions. These are great for the following reasons:
  • Highly absorbent and don't allow sweat to soak through to your shirt. Discreet shape capable to control all levels of sweat without anyone knowing about it. Great for hyperhidrosis.
  • Our pads are hypoallergenic - no harsh chemicals. Our underarm pads are an all natural antiperspirant and deodorant substitute. Perfect for those who sweat a lot but don't do well with deodorants or antiperspirants.
  • They're safe on all fabric, including silk. The adhesive stays in place but removes easily with no residue left behind. You can save your clothing from pit stains and start with ZeroSweat.
  • The underarm sweat pads are comfortable and convenient. Follow our fool-proof instructions. Just peel and stick to your shirt. You'll love that they're gentle on the skin and super absorbent.
  • We know your pain and have multiple products to treat your excessive sweatiness in whichever way you are most comfortable. We are a trusted brand across the excessive sweat sufferer community and want to make sure you are able to have your confidence in every situation.

no animal testing

no baking soda

no synthetic fragrance



As long as you follow the application instructions, We know that ZeroSweat will keep you DRY! 

If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your entire purchase *plus standard shipping charges!

Yeah, It's Like An After-Dinner Mint...For Your Armpit!

Original Clinical Strength Antiperspirant

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