Antiperspirant Lotion For Sweaty Hands, Feet, Bodies, and Faces - ZeroSweat

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ZeroSweat Antiperspirant Lotion for Hands, Feet, Body

ZeroSweat Antiperspirant Lotion for Hands, Feet, Body

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Excessive sweating isn't just for armpits. Our lotion is perfect for hands, feet, and body. No more clammy handshakes!

Works great for Rock Climbers, Gamers, Pole Dancers, Acro Yoga, Coders, Weight Lifters, Cyclists, Gymnasts, and more.

First Dates, Job Interviews, any situation ZeroSweat Keeps You Dry. 

ZeroSweat Lotion works in 2 ways. It has an immediate drying effect and also reduces sweat production. The longer you use it the better it works. Use daily for best results. 



1. Wash and dry hands or area where ZeroSweat will be applied.

2. Apply a small amount. A pea size drop per affected area is enough.

3. Rub in vigorously for about 15 seconds

4. Allow to absorb and air dry

5. Shake hands and meet new people with confidence!


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