The ZeroSweat Story: About Us


About ZeroSweat

You may not know this, but ZeroSweat was born out of necessityTyler Conlin, the creator of ZeroSweat, used to be just like you. He struggled with hyperactive sweat glands from a young age and for most of his life. In fact, he used to always keep tissues or paper towels in his pockets and a spare wardrobe in his car for all of his embarrassingly moist, sweat-filled moments whenever he tried to socialize. 

Like you, he just wanted to feel...normal. He eventually grew so tired of living in fear of routinely “pitting out” at a moment’s notice and having to limit his wardrobe to ONLY black shirts or take 3 backup shirts with him at all times, because that was his only option for sweat-stain-stealth. 

In 2011, he came to the painful realization that excessive sweating was controlling his ability to live his life how he wanted. So he got to work, and after an obscene amount of sweaty, mind-numbing research (🤓), and countless formulations - ZeroSweat was born! Since that time, ZeroSweat’s powerful, effective, 100% safe USFDA compliant formula has empowered thousands, like you, to rediscover their confidence and live their best sweat-free life not only in the US, but in all corners of the world.

This is why we ❤️ what we do!

Don't give up hope! Your sweat problems will no longer dictate what you wear, how you can socialize, and when you can be intimately close.  

We love hearing our customers stories of how ZeroSweat has helped them... 

 ...eliminate embarrassment (😬) when they go out with their friends.


 ...wear what they want, when they want, without the fear of unsightly sweat stains. 💃🏻🕺🏻


 ...enjoy life's simple moments again and rediscover what it's like to just feel...normal again. 😌


With ZeroSweat, heavy sweaters across the world have rediscovered the hope of a sweat-free, confident life.