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Our Story

ZeroSweat was created by someone who knows what you go through. After suffering for 15 years and trying everything he decided to formulate his own antiperspirant. After 2 years of development ZeroSweat was created. If you’ve tried everything on the shelf, those crazy natural cures, even "clinical strength" or are worried about the risks of surgery or injections or have just given up hope we have your solution.


ZeroSweat Keeps You Dry.

FDA Compliant Formula
Made in the USA

We know ZeroSweat will keep you dry. If it doesn’t, let us know. We will refund your ENTIRE purchase. INCLUDING shipping charges. We won’t even ask you to send it back. Just send an email to dry@zerosweat.com and we’ll take care of it. Refund is limited to the cost of one bottle + shipping.

Contact info:

ZeroSweat Inc
540 W 1700 S Unit F
Clearfield, UT 84015