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sweating in all stages of life

sweating in all stages of life

Ah, life. Beautiful, wonderful, miraculous, sweaty life! Wait. What? 

Excessive sweating is NOT on our list of things that make life delightful and we’re betting it’s not on yours either. 

Doesn’t it seem like sweating is one of those sticky, annoying things that you never grow out of? Sweat happens in all stages of life. We can’t seem to get away from it! 

We sweat for obvious reasons throughout life starting in childhood. 

As kids, we are sweaty from playing in the yard, running a fever or being in hot & humid climates. 

As teenagers, we experience excessive sweat as we compete in sports, eat spicy foods, go through puberty or suffer from anxiety. 

As adults, we sweat as we exercise, find ourselves in stressful situations or start new medications. 

And, later on in life, some of us go through menopause where we experience hot flashes and night sweats. 

Sweat is inevitable but treatable. Try ZeroSweat today.