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Stop Sweating AboutHyperhidrosis

Suffering from hyperhidrosis?

Don’t sweat it.

Hyperhidrosis might sound like a scary word, but it is really just the clinical term used to describe “excessive sweating.” Although it is a common medical condition, that fact doesn’t make it any less embarrassing. Our 100% safe, FDA compliant formula has helped excessively sweating customers, like yourself, rediscover their confidence in being able to wear more than just dark colors and heavy sweaters.

But, now, we want to hear from YOU! We’ve put together a quick survey that will help us understand how excessive sweating is affecting YOUR life so we can make products to actually help in the way you need them to. Your valuable feedback will be used to improve our existing and future products so, in the future, we can offer you the best possible solution for all of your excessively sweaty problems!

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A Simple Solution.

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