ZeroSweat Roll On Application Instructions

how to apply zerosweat roll-on


ZeroSweat works while you sleep to shrink your pores so it can stop perspiration all day. It will not wash off the next day, even after bathing or showering. 

CAUTION: Do not use immediately after shaving or showering; or if skin is broken or irritated. Skin area must be completely dry prior to application. Discontinue use if rash develops. Keep away from eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

WARNING: ZeroSweat can discolor clothing if it is not completely dry. Please allow 5 to 10 minutes for the product to dry. ZeroSweat is used differently from all other antiperspirants. It is important to follow directions very carefully.


  1. Apply ZeroSweat antiperspirant at bedtime. You must be dry and relaxed for ZeroSweat to work.
  2. Apply Sparingly. ZeroSweat should be applied sparingly only a few strokes under each arm.
  3. You may not have to use ZeroSweat every day. Begin by using ZeroSweat every day until excessive perspiration is controlled. Thereafter, apply ZeroSweat every other day or as needed. Most users find every 3-4 days is sufficient.
  4. ZeroSweat can cause irritation for new users. It is powerful and active pores are sensitive. If you experience irritation immediately wash ZeroSweat off and wait a few days before trying again. It can take several attempts to be successful.
  5. For minor irritations try applying a little Vaseline or regular deodorant after it dries to sooth the area.
  6. The longer you use ZeroSweat the better it gets. Your skin will get used to it and you will be dry.