ZeroSweat on Steve Harvey's Funderdome on ABC

ZeroSweat on Steve Harvey's Funderdome on ABC

November 30, 2018

ZeroSweat on Steve Harvey's Funderdome on ABC

Did you see Tyler Conlin when he was on Steve Harvey's new show Funderdome? If you haven't, you should. This episode originally aired on Sunday Aug 13, 2017. Click here to watch the video:

ZeroSweat featured on Steve Harvey's Funderdome

 Read through the transcript here:

Tyler: Thank you, thank you, my name is Tyler Conlin and I am about to do something that used to cause me major embarrassment. I’m gonna take off my suit coat. Hey, easy, easy, that’s where its ending, right there.

You see, I have Hyperhidrosis. That means I always have sweaty armpits. And being out here in front of all of you with my arms out in a blue shirt, I used to always get big sweat marks, like this:

(Splashes water from the bowl on his underarms – followed by crowd laughter)

You’re all grossed out about this, right? But you all know someone who looks like this all the time, right? Yeah, okay, it’s embarrassing!

(To the crowd) Let me see, raise your hand if you have sweaty armpits. I’m just kidding, don’t raise your hands! That’s nasty. Its embarrassing. You didn’t raise your hands, did you?

Steve: No, I didn’t (laughing)

When you have this, you’re always wearing more layers of clothing or some people are afraid to go out with their friends. Some people even put maxi-pads in their armpits. Seriously, it’s true.

My product ZeroSweat will fix this. Its the strongest antiperspirant you’ll have ever tried. In fact, it’s so strong, you only need to use it once a week. Yep.

Steve: (chuckling)

Tyler: Yep, you’re shaking your head, but it’s true. Now, this is what I need your help with. I’ve developed a lotion that can be used on hands, feet, faces, and other places…it's true. With your vote, I can start production on this and bring ZeroSweat to more people. It’ll restore your confidence. It’ll give you the freedom to wear whatever you want. So please, vote for ZeroSweat.

Steve: Hey folks, give it up for Tyler and ZeroSweat! Does zero really mean zero?

Tyler: Zero, zero sweat, none – at all.

Steve: Tyler, you just told these people that you could use this deodorant once a week.

Tyler: Yep!

Steve: Really?

Tyler: It works. I mean really it started just because I looked like this all the time and I was sick of it so I started to do my own research. I found the right ingredients and then I paid the professionals to make it happen.

Steve: I guess the big deodorant companies probably don’t really care to get this out there. The big companies wouldn’t wanna have a product out there they need just once a week.

Tyler: Well, if they’re watching, they’re welcome to make me an offer!

(Laughter from crowd)

Steve: Alright, let’s get down to the business. Who do you know puts maxi pads under their damn arms?!

Tyler: There’s some things I should probably not say on TV.

Steve: ‘Cause I’m sittin’ here going, “who does that?”