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How to Get Rid of Sweaty Hands: 6 Quick Tips

The idea of shaking hands or holding hands feels like a nightmare for people who suffer from sweaty palms or Hyperhidrosis. Whether you're going on a job interview, playing sports that require a good grip or thinking about holding hands with a new love interest, breaking out in a sweat with cold, clammy hands is downright embarrassing.

If you're wondering how to get rid of sweaty hands, here are some tips you should try before opting for more invasive procedures like surgery and Iontophoresis treatments. Don't sweat the small stuff. Get that moisture under control so you can relax and get your confidence back intact.

1. Apply a Clinical Strength Hand Antiperspirant

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Using an antiperspirant lotion for hands like ZeroSweat will keep your hands dry and boost your confidence at the same time. By temporarily blocking your sweat glands, it keeps sweat from reaching your skin's surface. Keep the wetness at bay by applying a pea-sized amount to clean, dry hands and rubbing it in for fifteen seconds. Once you've applied it, give it another thirty seconds to absorb into your skin.

This life-changing product will keep your clammy hands under control for up to eight hours, even when you're stressed out. For best results, apply it regularly at night so that it has time to penetrate deep into your pores. The more you use it, the more effective it is, so consistency is key.

The ZeroSweat Lotion is a great antiperspirant for hands and is the perfect, noninvasive solution for anyone who suffers from excessive clammy hands. It’s affordable and it works like a charm.

2. Drink Lots of Water

You can avoid excess sweating by keeping yourself hydrated with lots of water throughout the day. Despite what you might think, drinking water does not cause excess sweating, dehydration does. In fact, drinking water helps keep you cool while it reduces your core body temperature. Water can also help calm your nerves, so drinking it in stressful situations can keep your clamminess under control.

Did you know?

Drinking lots of water can actually keep you from craving salty or spicy foods which can cause water retention and Hyperhidrosis.So remember this:  More moisture in means less moisture out, and that means fewer sweaty palms.

As an added bonus to drinking more water, you’ll feel much better overall. Pretty much everyone is aware they need to drink more water but they don’t. Drinking more water is a natural sweaty hands cure.

3. Keep Your Hands Clean

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Frequent hand washing can help cool your skin and keep profuse sweating at bay. Avoid using soaps unless your hands are actually dirty because it can dry your skin out and make your hands sweat more. If you must use a cleanser, consider using a non-soap version for the best results.

You should also make sure you dry your hands thoroughly with a towel afterward to remove any excess moisture from your skin's surface, since reducing the amount of wetness on your hands is the point of this process.

Although this method provides very short-term results, it can help keep you sweat-free in a pinch. So if you’re going in for a job interview or you plan on shaking a lot of people’s hands, this is a great quick fix option for clammy hands. 

4. Carry a Cloth or Towel

Keeping a cloth or towel with you at all times ensures that you'll always be ready when you start sweating profusely. A quick wipe just before shaking hands or dealing with a stressful situation will ensure that your hands are always dry when you need them to be.

For the best results, opt for cotton to get the most moisture absorption possible. Be sure to wipe your hands off at the first sign of moisture to conquer embarrassing clamminess before it becomes excessive.

Better yet, make it a fashion statement. Find a nice cloth pattern that you like to make wiping your hands that much more enjoyable and fashionable.

5. Bring Out The Alcohol

When profuse sweating gets you down, you can also rely on the moisture-fighting properties of rubbing alcohol. It evaporates your sweat while it tightens your pores. The pore shrinking ability of this natural astringent keeps your hands dry.

At the first sign of sweaty hands, bring out your alcohol-based hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, or alcohol-soaked cotton balls and wipe it over your palms. Give it a second to evaporate and you're good to go.

Not only will you keep clammy hands at bay, but you’ll be extra prepared to fight any office bug that’s been going around. Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers help kill unwanted germs, reducing the chances of illness in your day-to-day life. A win-win.

6. Inject Your Hands With Botox

Cartoon of a doctor injecting a needle into a patients hand

Believe it or not, but Botox is actually the perfect sweaty hands cure, the same Botox used to reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging. A dermatologist typically administers the nerve agent by injecting it directly into your hands.

Under good circumstances, you could find sweat relief for a few months, but results may vary. This treatment is great if you like getting shots in your hands. Without discussing cost too much, the bill can be approximately $1,000 per treatment depending on your provider.

All in all, Botox may not be the best way to go, but if you’ve tried every possible treatment you can think of and they haven’t worked, it might be worth a shot (no pun intended). 

Hint: Pick ZeroSweat...

When you're wondering how to stop hyperhidrosis in hands, the other tips will provide very temporary relief from sweaty palms. Using a clinical strength antiperspirant cream like ZeroSweat is the best and most powerful solution for keeping your hands dry. Don't let sweaty hands hold you back, reach for ZeroSweat instead.