Teenagers - ZeroSweat


ZeroSweat for Sweaty Teens 

Have you tried every deodorant and antiperspirant on the shelves? Nothing works. Not even the ultra extreme heavy duty stuff. 2 shirts, wiping your pits with tissues, keeping your jacket on all day. When will it stop? With ZeroSweat the excessive sweating stops now. It actually works. No more pitting out, no more embarrassing situations.

 ZeroSweat Keeps You Dry.

‘In my high school choir we ended a number with both arms raised and happy fingers. I HATED it. It’s a little too obvious to be the only one with my arms to my sides. I had no choice but to stick em up. Now that I’ve used ZeroSweat I can reach high. Happy fingers here I come!’


ZeroSweat Keeps You Dry.

·      No more pitting out

·      No mess application

·      No more embarrassment

·      No more sweat stains

·      Sweating is a thing of the past

·      It really works

How Does ZeroSweat Work? 

ZeroSweat is a liquid antiperspirant that goes on with no mess. Just apply at bedtime, wait 2-3 minutes for your underarms to dry and go to sleep. It’s that simple. Most people need to apply it only once or twice a week.

At night when your sweat glands are less active ZeroSweat works its magic. Ok so it’s not actually magic, but in the morning you will be dry. It lasts for days, won’t wash off, even with shaving, does not leave any residue and you can’t even tell it’s there. But you know for sure it’s working.