Proud Participant on Steve Harvey's Funderdome On ABC - ZeroSweat

Proud Participant on Steve Harvey's Funderdome On ABC

I am honored to be a participant on Steve Harvey's Funderdome TV show on ABC! My episode airs Aug 13 on ABC at 9/8. 
Watch as I pitch ZeroSweat to the studio audience! 
I gotta say that working with Steve Harvey was incredible! He's just as good in real life as you see on TV. Filming a TV show takes a ton of time and the studio audience spends a fair amount of time waiting for things to happen. This is where I thought Mr. Harvey really shined. He has a real talent to connect with the audience and keep them laughing even when the camera isn't rolling. 
I was nervous going on national TV to talk about sweaty armpits, antiperspirant and deodorant. I mean what if I got sweaty armpits! Those stage lights are hot! And then I had to talk to Steve Harvey about deodorant. All the other inventors have cool gadgets and I'm talking about ZeroSweat antiperspirant. But hey, somebody's gotta do it!
Wish I could tell you more but you'll have to tune in to watch and see who the Funderdome chooses!
-Tyler Conlin